The WeatherBridge: Easily Connect Your Davis, AcuRite, Fine Offset or Tempest Station to

The WeatherBridge: Easily Connect Your Davis, AcuRite, Fine Offset or Tempest Station to

Looking to connect your Davis or Tempest weather station to Look no further than the Weatherbridge! This easy-to-use device makes it simple to get your weather data online and into the cloud without the high operating costs and low reliability of connecting to a PC.

The WeatherBridge is the latest gateway appliance offered by Ambient Weather. Internet Protocol or IP Network Weather Stations update weather servers in real-time, providing up to the second data without the use of a PC. There are no networking fees. It is perfect for low consumption requirements, remote monitoring applications, or weather station owners that do not want to leave their PC on 24/7. Since it is Wi-Fi enabled, it gives you the freedom to move your display console anywhere in your home or office while still reporting to the internet.

Set Up in Minutes

Simply plug the WeatherBridge data logger into your weather station console or data logger that is running WeatherLink software, and connect to your router via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi (weather stations and loggers are sold separately).

Within minutes, you'll see your weather data live on the Internet. It also features a handy USB connection that allows you to connect your station directly to any PC or Mac with an internet connection.

Compatible with Davis, AcuRite, Fine Offset, and more!

The WeatherBridge is compatible with the following weather stations:

  • Ambient Weather WS-1080, WS-1090, WS-2080, WS-2090 and WS-2095 (requires optional #F4U021BT 2.0 USB Hub)
  • Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP, WS-1400-IP, and ObserverIP devices.
  • AcuRite 0125, 0135, and 01525 (requires optional #F4U021BT 2.0 USB Hub)
  • AcuRite Internet-Bridge
  • Davis Instruments VantagePro, VantagePro2 and VantageVue, requires:
    • 6510USB (PC) WeatherLink Data Logger + #F4U021BT 2.0 USB Hub, or:
    • 6520 (Mac) WeatherLink Data Logger + #F4U021BT 2.0 USB Hub, or:
    • 6510SER (PC Serial) WeatherLink Data Logger + USB converter, or:
    • 6555 (IP) WeatherLink Data Logger
  • Fine Offset WH-1080, WH-2080, WS-2090, WS-2095, WH-3080 (requires optional #F4U021BT 2.0 USB Hub)
  • Honeywell / Meade TE923, TE827, TE821, DV928, Hideki, Mebus, IROX (requires optional #F4U021BT 2.0 USB Hub)
  • Oregon Scientific WMR-88, WMR-100, WMR-200, WMRS-200, WMR-300 (requires optional #F4U021BT 2.0 USB Hub)
  • Peet Bros: Ultimeter 100/800/2000/2100/II (requires optional #U209-000-R USB to Serial Adapter)
  • RainWise MKIII Series (requires serial data logger from Rainwise and USB to serial converter)
  • WeatherFlow Tempest, AIR and SKY stations

Connect to Networks Around the World

The WeatherBridge converts your weather station into an internet-ready device and streams weather data in real-time. Connect to online weather networks around the world using the Ambient Weather WeatherBridge.

If you're looking for an easy way to get your weather data online, the WeatherBridge is a great option. This product is compatible with the most popular stations from Davis, AcuRite, Fine Offset and Tempest, so it’s sure to work with the station you have. Plus, the WeatherBridge makes it simple to access all your data in real-time on platforms like or Weather Underground. Purchase the WeatherBridge today and start tracking the weather like a pro!

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