Ambient Weather WH51RF Refrigerator Freezer Sensor


Designed for durability and accuracy, the WH51RF Refrigerator Freezer Sensor provides temperature and humidity readings, allowing you to monitor and maintain optimal conditions for your perishable goods. Compatible with the WS-1938, WS-1965, WS-2902, WS-2000, WS-3000, and WS-5000 Ambient Weather Stations and Weather Hub. Remotely monitor your conditions on the Ambient Weather Network (AWN) app or desktop.

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The WH51RF Refrigerator Freezer Sensor is designed to safely operate in the cold and humid conditions of a freezer or refrigerator while relaying temperature and humidity levels.

Add up to a combination of 8 WH51RF Refrigerator Freezer Sensors, WH31E Temperature & Humidity Sensors, WH31P Waterproof Probe Temperature Sensors, and WH31PF Pool Float Sensors to your compatible Ambient Weather Station.

The WH51RF is compatible with the following stations:

  • WS-1938
  • WS-1965
  • WS-2902
  • WS-2000
  • WS-3000 X3, X5, X8
  • WS-5000
  • Weather Hub

Check your readings on the sensor screen or remotely monitor your personal dashboard on the free AWN app or desktop version by visiting

The sensor offers flexible placement options such as hanging from a metal wire shelf, mounting on a wall, or simply resting on a horizontal surface. This versatility ensures optimal positioning for accurate readings without compromising storage space or convenience.

With a reporting frequency of approximately every 80 seconds and operating on the 915MHz frequency, the WH51RF delivers timely and reliable data to keep users informed about temperature and humidity levels within their fridge or freezer.

Powered by two AA batteries (not included), the sensor has a battery life of approximately one year, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance and ensuring uninterrupted monitoring over extended periods.

Weather Services

  • Ambient Weather Network

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  • Dimensions: 5.5”x1.75”x0.8” (base not installed). 6”x2”x2” (base installed)
  • Wi-Fi Specifications: none

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