5 Ways to Stay Cool & Comfortable Using AWN Weather Data and Ambient Weather Products

5 Ways to Stay Cool & Comfortable Using AWN Weather Data and Ambient Weather Products

As summer temperatures soar, staying cool becomes a top priority for many homeowners. With Ambient Weather's advanced weather stations, weather sensors, and Ambient Weather Network (AWN), you can leverage weather data to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

1. Use Ambient Weather Stations and AWN Alerts to Anticipate Temperature Spike

Ambient Weather Stations provide real-time hyper-local weather data, including temperature, humidity, and wind speed. This information is crucial for optimizing your cooling strategy. By staying informed about the actual conditions in your backyard, you can take proactive measures to keep your home cool.

Not sure which station is right for you? Click here to view our comparison guide. Or, if you are looking for a weather station with no outdoor array, shop the WS-1938 Wi-Fi Home Weather Station with CO2 Monitoring.

Tip: Set up free push or email alerts on the AWN app to notify you when temperatures reach a certain threshold. This way, you can adjust your cooling schedule in advance and prevent your home from becoming too hot.

2. Utilize IFTTT to Integrate Your Weather Station with Smart Home Products

Create IFTTT applets using information from your AWN-enabled Ambient Weather Station to perform tasks such as shutting the blinds or dimming the lights when the temperature reaches a certain threshold. Learn more about Ambient Weather IFTTT Integrations.

Tip: Program your Hunter Douglas smart shades to close when the weather station detects high temperatures or intense sunlight. This will reduce the amount of heat entering your home, making it easier to maintain a comfortable temperature. Ambient Weather is also compatible with Hue Lighting and Rachio Sprinklers.

3. Prevent Spoilage and Leaks with AWN Sensors

During the hot summer months, water usage increases, making leaks more of a concern. Summer months can also lead to more storms and the potential for flooding in areas like your basement. Use the WH31LA Leak Detector near your refrigerator, under sinks, or in your basement to be alerted before costly water damage occurs. In addition to leaks, maintaining an optimal temperature in your freezer or fridge is equally important in hot summer months. The WH51RF Refrigerator Freezer Sensor allows you to monitor your appliances' temperature and humidity and set alerts on AWN when conditions drop below a certain threshold.

Tip: Upgrade to AWN+ and set up text alerts if temperatures rise above safe levels or if a leak is detected to help you stay informed while on the go.

4. Optimize Cooling with AWN+ and Cooling Degree Days (CDD)

AWN+ now includes Cooling Degree Days (CDD), which helps you understand how much cooling is needed to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. By analyzing CDD data, you can optimize your cooling strategies and make better decisions about when and how to cool your home.

Tip: Use CDD data from AWN+ to plan your cooling schedule more effectively. For instance, if the CDD forecast indicates a high number of cooling degree days, you can preemptively adjust your thermostat and smart devices to ensure your home stays comfortable while minimizing energy use.

5. Monitor Pool Temperature with the WH31PF Pool Float

Keeping your pool at a comfortable temperature is crucial during the summer months. The WH31PF Floating Pool Thermometer from Ambient Weather lets you easily monitor your pool's temperature, ensuring it's always perfect for a refreshing swim.

Tip: Use the WH31PF Pool Float to check the temperature of your pool throughout the day. Remotely view your pool's conditions on the AWN app, helping you decide the best times for a swim and ensuring your pool is always at the ideal temperature for cooling off.


Staying cool in summer doesn't have to mean skyrocketing energy bills or constant adjustments to your cooling system. You can create a comfortable and energy-efficient living environment by leveraging weather data from Ambient Weather products and incorporating smart home cooling tips. Utilize Ambient Weather stations, sensors, and the AWN app to stay informed and proactive in your cooling strategy. Embrace these technologies and enjoy a cooler, more comfortable summer.

For more tips on staying cool and making the most of your Ambient Weather products, follow our blog and stay updated with the latest innovations in home weather technology.

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