Meet the Product that Gives Apartment Dwellers Access to Real-Time Weather Without a Station

Meet the Product that Gives Apartment Dwellers Access to Real-Time Weather Without a Station

Don't have a backyard for a weather station? No problem. If you live in a high-rise or an apartment, you can still monitor your real-time weather with an Ambient Weather Network Weather Hub. Easily track your outdoor and indoor conditions by pairing this sleek little hub with Ambient Weather Environmental Sensors, all while sending your data to your dashboard on the Ambient Weather Network. Plus, you get to join a cool community sharing their real-time weather updates. Score!

What is a Weather Hub and How Does it Work?

The AWN Weather Hub is a device that receives the data from your environmental sensors and discreetly sends the data to the Ambient Weather Network over your Wi-Fi or ethernet/LAN connection. This small, sleek hub has LED status indicators, an integrated antenna, and a low-draw power supply. 

How Do I View My Data?

Access your data remotely using the Ambient Weather Network App or desktop version by visiting Alternatively, you can view your data locally on a display console. We recommend the Ambient Weather WS-2000 Console for anyone wanting to monitor the weather from a specific location in their home. This display console also offers built-in indoor temperature and humidity.

What Sensors Can I Add to My Weather Hub?

Ambient Weather offers a variety of indoor and outdoor environmental sensors, depending on the types of measurements you are looking to monitor. Here are our recommended sensor options and placement in your home:

WH31E Temperature and Humidity Sensor - Measures outdoor or indoor temperature and humidity. Recommended Placement: Porch, Side of House, Basement, Bedroom, Office, Living Room

WH31P Waterproof Probe Temperature Sensor - Measures the temperature of any wet medium. Recommended Placement: Fish Tanks, Freezer, Refrigerator, Houseplants

AQIN Air Quality Monitor - Measures PM2.5, PM10, and CO2 levels. Recommended Placement: Kitchen, Basement, Office, Bedroom, Living Room

PM25IN Indoor Particulate Monitor - Measures indoor PM2.5 levels. Recommended Placement: Kitchen, Basement, Office, Bedroom, Living Room

PM25 Outdoor Particulate Monitor - Measures outdoor PM2.5 levels. Recommended Placement: Porch

WH31LA Leak Detector- Detects moisture. Recommended Placement: Laundry Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Basement

WH31L Lightning Detector - Detects EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) from strikes up to 25 miles away. Recommended Placement: Porch

WH31SM Soil Moisture Sensor - Measures the moisture levels in the soil. Recommended Placement: Houseplants, Garden

WH31PF Wireless Waterproof Floating Pool and Spa Thermometer - Measures water temperature. Recommended Placement: Pool, Spa, Pond

Advantages of Using a Weather Hub and Ambient Weather Sensors

A Weather Hub paired with Ambient Weather Sensors is a game-changing solution for apartment dwellers and those without yards. With its convenience and affordability, this pairing provides real-time weather data for your home and its surroundings without worrying about where to place a weather station. Any compatible Ambient Weather Sensor will seamlessly connect to the Weather Hub, which then feeds to the powerful Ambient Weather Network platform. From there, you can access all your data, including a hyper-local forecast. Your personal dashboard provides detailed sensor data, current conditions, charts, and the ability to set alerts when thresholds are met.

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