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Preventive Maintenance And Reset Of The Outdoor Sensor Array

WS-2000/WS-2902A Wireless Weather Station Printed on the part as WH65B

Preventive Maintenance and Reset of the Outdoor Sensor Array. (Printed Part: WH65B)


To ensure that the outdoor weather station array stays in proper working condition please follow the steps below:


1.Replace the batteries. We recommend fresh Lithium Energizer and here is why:Why Are Lithium Ultimate Batteries Recommended And Not Alkaline Or Rechargeable Batteries?

2. Make certain the rain gauge is level. If not perfectly level, the tipping mechanism will not work properly and under report rain.

3. Visually inspect the rain funnel. Is the funnel missing? To replace the funnel, please visit:

4. Check the funnel for any debris. Clean the funnel.

5. Remove the funnel and check for any debris that may be affecting the tipping mechanism. Tip the mechanism back and forth. Does the rain update on the console? Check for any bugs or dirt. Clean with a damp, soft cloth.

6. In heavy downpours or sideways wind, the rain droplets can “bounce” out of the rain gauge. Use Teflon spray: to prevent accumulation of the droplets on the walls of the rain gauge.

How to Reset the Outdoor Sensor Array:

  1. Cover the solar collector to shut of the solar energy source.
  2. Remove the batteries.
  3. Let sit for up to 24 hours to drain the solar capacitor.
  4. Reinsert fresh batteries.
  5. Press the reset button (#10, below) for a full minute with a pointed object, such as a pen tip:

6. Uncover the solar collector.

7. LED(#11) should flash once per 16 seconds. If it is not flashing, the sensor array must be replaced.

8. Power down and up the console to resync(Remove batteries and AC Adapter then reinsert)

9. May take a few minutes for the outside array information to display on the console


*If the weather station array is not communicating properly with the indoor console AFTER performing ALL of the steps above then the outdoor sensor array OR individual sensor/sensors will need to be replaced.


**Why Preventive/Routine Maintenance needs to be done:

Clogged Rain Funnel: Rain will not report correctly